Legacy Partnerships

The Legacy Asset Partnership™ (TLAP™) is a smart idea for smart real estate investors. Simply put, if you have a property, we’ll work on it — to make it work for you. Whether we repurpose your land or redevelop existing commercial space, we’ll create cash flow, and we’ll sweat all the technical details. All you do is sit back and watch your property’s value grow.

The difference between a typical joint venture and the FINISHES TLAP™ Program

Negotiated Items Traditional JV FINISHES TLAP™
Financing / Credit 50/50 Split* 100% Responsibility
Liability 50/50 Split* 100% Responsibility
Construction Various Arrangements 100% Responsibility

* A traditional JV relationship may be negotiated at some percentage that is different than the 50/50 split represented above. The chart above is only an illustration to provide a better understanding of the TLAP™ Program.